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Wednesday, May 15, 2013  |  Conscious Leadership Learning Forum
West Los Angeles, CA

When: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST
Where: Luxe Hotel, West Los Angeles, California USA
Topic:  Conscious Leadership and Your Relationship With Money
Cost: Members: $45 in advance $55 at door. Non-Members: $55 in advance $65 at the door.
Register By: May 1, 2013

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  • Dana & Ellen Borowka, Lighthouse Consulting
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    Event Description


    Networking and dinner followed by a moderated panel with interactive roundtable discussions focused on our relationship with money, including how its influence can affect our ability to lead consciously.


    Conscious Leadership and Your Relationship with Money  


    Both in business and in our personal lives we are constantly exchanging value through products and services and use the currency we call money to do so. Our society often judges us by our ability to accumulate money. How does this pressure influence our behavior, our ethics? Does our relationship with money generate stress? Do we compromise our principals where money is concerned? And what is involved in maintaining a healthy, productive relationship with money? These are some of the questions our experts will explore. They'll examine what conscious or unconscious role money might play in our relationships, our careers and in our lives. Our money panelists are from the worlds of philanthropy, investment, law, accounting and consulting and they will offer us a wide spectrum of well-considered, provocative views on this subject so relevant to us all. They might even introduce us to some new perspectives that will help us to adapt to healthier attitudes and beliefs and allow our relationship with money to flow more effortlessly.



    On May 15, 2013, Conscious Leadership Connection hosted a dinner at Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. Seventy two guests, having dined well, were introduced to eight panelists, each an expert on a particular aspect of our relationship with money. The panelists then split up, one to each table, and guests elected to join the speaker whose topic and expertise was most relevant to them as an individual. A rich, interactive dialogue was evident by the enthusiastic energy in the room as guests shared their ideas, hang-ups, frustrations and opportunities regarding money and their lives in a candid, supportive environment.


    The subjects discussed were as follows:

    1. Creating wealth, consciously
    2. Aligning values with investments
    3. Sharing your personal wealth - conscious philanthropy and inheritance decisions
    4. Raising Conscious capital for your business
    5. Conscious Compensation - sharing the proceeds of success with employees and team members
    6. Raising kids with healthy relationships to money
    7. Money and the gender gap
    8. Personal dreams and financial obstacles 


    See below for the list of panelists and table facilitators.

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