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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more or become more, you are a leader."

John Quincy Adams

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Saturday, December 15, 2012  |  Conscious Leadership Connection Brainstorming Session
When: 9am - 2pm
Where: Private Home
Topic:  Conscious Leadership Connection Brainstorming on Future Direction
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    An amazing group of volunteers came together as a wisdom council for the purpose of brainstorming on the creation of the Conscious Leadership Connection.  It was a very productive day and the big take aways were:


    Why does the CLC Exist?

    1. To inspire and support others to lead consciously in business and in their lives.
    2. To humanize business and facilitate a sustainable world.
    3. To offer a platform for personal and professional growth and to be of greater service.
    4. To connect like minded leaders.
    5. To remind people of whom they really are.


    Who are our primary customers?

    1. Leaders who are interested in the triple bottom line.
    2. Leaders who want to connect with like minded people for mutual support and community.
    3. Those who want to grow and expand the impact of their lives
    4. Leaders in positions of influence


    What difference do we make?

    1. We connect like minded leaders for collaboration
    2. We provide great ideas, tools, feedback, content and best practices to enable Conscious Leadership
    3. We elevate business into new paradigms of evolution
    4. We act as an advocacy group for Conscious Leadership
    5. We support leaders in feeling more fulfilled and happy
    6. We support our members to enhance their effectiveness and improve their lives.


    With gratitude to the following who participated on this wisdom council:


    • Samantha Collins
    • Renee Gallegos
    • Brian Hemsworth
    • Timothy Karsten
    • Karinna Kittle Karsten
    • Lawrence Koh
    • Athena Lou
    • Jonathan Makrinos
    • Robin Palmer
    • Robert Silverstone
    • Eric Smith
    • Ron Supancic


    Facilitators / Presenters

    Brian Hemsworth

    Renee Gallegos

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